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  • Annual Registration and Data Confirmation
    Registration and Data Confirmation for 22/23
    Please Register Now!

    Data Confirmation / Registration is now open
    • Only Authorized Parents and Guardians may complete the Registration and Data Confirmation process
    • If you are an authorized Parent or Guardian of your student -  you already have an Aeries Parent Portal Account.  
    • To complete the registration process – Parents must log in with their Aeries ‘Parent Portal Account’.  
    • If you do not have a computer or mobile phone with access to the internet, you may contact your school office to make an appointment.  You can also access the registration portal from public computers that have internet access, such as the public library.
    Logging In to the OUHSD Aeries Portal:
    1. Go to:   https://parent.ouhsd.org 
    2. Enter the email address that is on file with us
    3. If you know your password enter it and click Next.
      •  if you do not know your password – click “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions. 
    Once logged in:
    4)  Click on the message to enter the Data Confirmation Process, or click on ‘Data Confirmation’ from the ‘Student Information’ Menu
    5)  Follow the instructions for each section until the Final Confirmation message appears.
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