• Attendance Policy

    As the parent of a pupil you have many rights and responsibilities.  The California Education Code sections 48940-48984 require that the district annually notify you of these rights.  You have a right to receive a copy, upon request, of the district policies relating to the governance and disciplining of students under the jurisdiction of the district (E.C. 35291).  This booklet explains much about these laws, policies and statutes.  Please read this booklet carefully.

    Teachers build your student’s education one day at a time, so every day is essential.  Graduation may be put in jeopardy if too many days of school are missed.  Work with the teachers when your student must miss school.  Get necessary homework assignments and review work and see that they are turned in on time. 

    Excused Absences Make-Up Allowed (E.C. 48205, CCR Title 5, Section 420)
    Absences listed below are excused when verified in accordance with Education Code and Board Policy:

    • Illness
    • Quarantine directed by county/city health officer.
    • Medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic appointments.  Students are encouraged to make such appointments after school hours whenever possible.
    • Attending funeral services for a member of immediate family (one day if service is in California, not more than three days if outside of California).
    • Jury duty in manner provided for by law.
    • Due to illness/medical appointment during school hours for child of whom the pupil is the custodial parent.

    Absences Excused for Personal Reasons:  Make-Up Allowed
     Prior approval is required for the following absences.  Students must bring to the school a signed parental request.  Such request must be approved by the District Board of Trustees (E.C. 46014).  Only in cases of extreme emergency will the principal approve the absence after the absence has occurred.

    • Appearance in court.
    • An employment or educational conference.
    • A pupil/family hardships.
    • An observance of a holiday or ceremony for the pupil’s religion or to receive moral or religious instruction.
    • Attendance at religious retreats (not to exceed four hours per semester).
    • Attendance at a funeral service for a person who is not an immediate family member.
    • Serving as a member of a prescient board for an election.

    School District Attendance Policy
    Pupil absences must be excused.  If a pupil is absent, his/her parent must, in person, writing or by phone, contact the school with an excuse for the absence.  All absences not excused will be considered truancy.  Pupils who are truant more than three classes or days of school will be considered truant.  Any pupil subject to compulsory education who is absent without a valid excuse for more than three (3) days or tardy in excess of thirty minutes on each of more than three days in one school year shall be classified as truant and reported to the Child Welfare and Attendance Administrator.  Continued truancy may result in the student being referred to the Student Academic and Attendance Review Team.  Pupils who engage in chronic truancy are referred to court and may face legal action.

    A parent may excuse up to 10 absences for illness with a note.  A doctor’s note will be required for all illness absences after a total of ten cumulative absences, or the absence will be considered unexcused.

    Only pupils with excused absences have the privilege of making up missed work.  Pupils will not be excused for family vacations or business trips.  The pupil’s parent/guardian shall be given three days to explain an absence.  If the absence is not verified, it shall be recorded as unexcused.

    Any pupil who is absent for excused reasons shall be allowed to make-up assignments and tests missed during the absence, and shall be given full credit for such assignments.  Such work must be completed within a reasonable period of time.  Each teacher for each specific class determines necessary and appropriate make-up work, which may or may not be identical to the work missed during the absence.  Responsibility for requesting missed work lies with the student.

    Truancy Referrals to Community Day School
    A student is deemed a habitual truant by the school sites when the student has 10 or more absences and/or has received three letters from the school sites as outlined in the District’s Truancy Mediation process and is still not attending school on a regular basis.  The site administrator/designee will meet with the student and their parents/guardians to develop an attendance contract.  If the student fails to sign the contract or does not show up for the meeting with the site administrator/ designee or does not fulfill the terms and conditions of their attendance contract, the student will may be scheduled to attend a School Attendance and Achievement Review Team (SAART) meeting or referred to the Oroville Union High School District Community Day School to continue their education.

    Failing Grades Due to Truancy
    Governing board policy requires that whenever a student is in danger of failing a class, a parent conference be held and such written notice be sent.  The refusal of the parent to attend the conference or respond to the written report shall not prohibit the student from receiving a failing grade.  For these reasons the district strongly encourages all parents to see that students attend school on-time and on a regular basis.

    Leaving School at Lunch Time
    Please refer to your school’s policies regarding leaving school during lunch and open campus.

     Attendance Options

    Alternative Schools
    The district recognizes the need to provide educational alternatives and options for all students in the school district.  The district supports options which maximize the opportunity for students to develop positive values, recognizes that the best learning occurs when the pupil has a desire to learn, and the pupil is self-motivated to learn.  In the event that any parent, pupil or teacher is interested in further information concerning alternative schools, contact your student’s counselor.  You have a right to request that the Governing Board establish alternative schools (E.C. 58501).

    Independent Study Program
    This program for serious students who are motivated, self-disciplined independent learners who prefer to study at home rather than in a standard school environment. This program is voluntary.  Please contact your student’s counselor for more info.

    Home Hospital
    A student is eligible to receive Home and Hospital Instruction if they had a temporary illness, injury or medical condition that makes attendance in regular day classes either impossible or inadvisable.  This determination is made by a physician and the physician must complete a “Physician’s Statement Requesting Home and Hospital Instruction” form (required at the beginning of each school year).  The student must have a temporary disability that includes: disabled by accident, physical mental or emotional illness. Please notify your student’s counselor about a temporary disability or presence at the hospital.